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Friday, February 15, 2008

The Bridge (Scientology)

Directed and Written by Brett Hanover. Produced by Tom Padgett. Starring Carole Smith, Bill Baker, Tom Padgett. Released online for free on September 10, 2006. Subsequently pulled by Mr. Hanover after legal battle with Church of Scientology.

The film was initially released as a free download over the Internet in September 2006. The film credits state: The Bridge is licensed as royalty-free digital media, and may be distributed online for personal viewing without permission. All offline distribution rights are reserved by Brett Hanover.

"Diane Wheat", portrayed by Carole Smith, is a Scientologist who becomes disillusioned with Scientology over the course of the film. A parallel plot follows the father of another Scientologist who attempts to get his daughter to leave Scientology (the father is played by Tom Padgett). The story touches on such Scientology-related issues as the suppressive person doctrine, the state of Clear, security checks, disconnection, Scieno Sitter, and the Church's secret upper level teachings, including the story of Xenu, as well as including a reference to the South Park episode: Trapped in the Closet.

The film ends with a written dedication: For all who speak out - for those who have been silenced.

We do not forgive. We do not forget. Posted in memory of Lisa McPherson and all others who have died and/or had their lives ruined by the "Church" of Scientology.

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