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Friday, April 06, 2007

Unopposed Small-Town Candidate Still Gets No Votes

This is really, really funny. Joe Selle didn't exactly get voted out office this week, but he wasn't re-elected, either.

Selle, who was running unopposed for City Council, didn't get any votes at all. Not even one from himself.

Selle, 42, said he simply forgot that Tuesday was election day, and apparently so did Ward 3's other 34 registered voters.

The result was zero votes cast in Selle's race, but the city charter lets him keep the seat unless someone else is "successfully elected and qualified," the city attorney said.

Selle, a professional musician, was recently appointed to fill a council vacancy and had been seeking a full term.

He said he saw other residents at the school where the voting was held, "but it never occurred to me that's what they were there for."

"It's pretty small-town stuff down here, man," Selle said of the Missouri River town of about 300 people, 16 miles northeast of Kansas City.

Turnout was better in Ward 2, where two people voted.

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