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Friday, September 23, 2011

What Are Bates Stamps?

Invented in 1892 Bates Numbering System is now a standard for the US legal industry because many court documents will not be accepted if they don’t have a proper Bates number. The time that office professional have to to spend manually applying these numbers is truly staggering. Virtyally every document that passes through an attorney or a paralegal has to be stamped and numbered - a monumental daily task.

Because of the high demand for Bates stamps in hospitals, law offices, and governmental agencies, more and more companies are turning to Bates Express. Bates Express is a new Bates stamping software that automates the application of the Bates numbers to a wide range of documents. With BatesExpress software, the stamps can now be applied to electronic documents like emails, PDF, Word, images, and HMTL documents.

The software comes with a set of the most commonly used stamps, but it also provides an easy way to customize texts and images, if necessary. Unlike other corporations (Adobe) that charge thousands of dollars of their Bates automation software, Bates Express has prices as low as $20 a seat. Bates Express is also absolutely free to try.

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