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Monday, February 26, 2007

911 and Avian Flu Legistlation Were For the Sake of Martial Law: Just Say No to Mandatory Vaccines

By Tantra Bensko, M.A., M.F.A.

In America, we may be on the verge of martial law, the current excuse being the threat of Avian Flu. While remaining calm, we do need to address this potential while we still have the freedom to do so. Perhaps we can stave it off if we look squarely at what is happening, and why. We have to look more deeply into the reality of vaccines, and why they are really being imposed upon us. We can look at 911 to realize that the government will use any deception to control us more. 911 didn’t work to bring total martial law, which is what it was intended to do, so bird flu is now being used to accomplish that state. Martial law is not being used as a last resort because of disaster out of our control. Martial law is the goal, and the disasters are hoisted on the public for the express purpose of making them give up their freedoms. Let’s not.

While Bush’s publicly proposed martial law in response to Avian Flu may seem like an answer to a problem, the "problem" is martial law. Republican Congressman Ron Paul represents the 14th Congressional district of Texas. He also serves on the House of Representatives Financial Services Committee, and the International Relations committee. On the Alex Jones show, he said this about Avian Flu: "I believe it is the President hyping this and Rumsfield, but it has to be in combination with the people being fearful enough that they will accept the man on the white horse. My first reaction going from my political and medical background is that it's way overly hyped and to think that they have gone this far with it, without a single case in the whole country and they're willing to change the law and turn it into a military state? That is unbelievable! They're determined to have martial law. ...."They don't want any resistance to their authoritarian rule." (

Obviously, it is not only conspiracy buffs and militia spouting off about martial law abuse. On Ted Koppel's Nightline, former Bush official, Richard Clarke, told us we should get used to the idea the Bush Regime will sponsor a cataclysmic event for the purpose of martial law.

Stanley Hilton was a senior advisor and chief of staff for Senator Bob Dole and has personally known Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz for decades. On the Alex Jones show, he said: "This (9/11) was all planned. This was a government-ordered operation. Bush personally signed the order. He personally authorized the attacks. He is guilty of treason and mass murder."

How can we turn our backs when all around us people are exposing the government's plan to take us over? Reporter Steve Watson at shows how the federal government, under the Bush administration is using any excuse to usher in Martial Law. "It doesn't matter if it's a terrorist attack, a threat, a fake threat, or a natural disaster. Bush wants the ability to declare Martial Law. He wants the power to declare war IN the United States." After 9/11, plans for martial law plans became obvious. The Pentagon proposed deploying troops on American streets. In April 2002, Defense Dept. officials created a new U.S. Northern Command (CINC-NORTHCOM) for the continental United States. The Command will respond to attacks and natural disasters. Bush also created the National Security Service (NSS); a branch of the FBI that answers completely to his authority.

Political scientist and lawyer Stanley Hilton, Bob Dole's chief of staff, interviewed people working for NORAD and the Air Force, who said there were five drills that simulated the events of 911, or dress rehearsals, on Sept. 11th, and at least 35 drills over at least two months before. (The Alex Jones Show.)

Dr. Paul Rea, who wrote the book Still Seeking the Truth About 911, tells us that, with no evidence to support it, the 911 Commission Report altered the timeline for many significant events of the day. For example, government agencies had established that the Air Force was alerted about a plane at 9:16 a.m.. But the report changed it to 10:07. 51 minutes later than it happened.

Former MI5 counter subversion agent David Shayler points out that the Twin Towers and the never- shown- on- TV sudden collapse 8 hours later of WTC Building 7 were the first buildings ever to fall from “fire damage”. No other buildings have ever gone down exactly like a controlled demolition—unless they were controlled demolitions. In which case, they’d need a good deal of preparation and access to the buildings. Who would have had access to the buildings? Well, hmm, Marvin, the President’s brother, was in charge of the security for the WTC.

Shayler has gone on the record concluding 9/11 was an inside job as a pretext for the already planned invasions of Afghanistan, Iraq and ultimately Iran and Syria. Shayler says the evidence suggests the attack was supposed to create enough damage to allow martial law.

Bush signed orders giving him sole authority to impose martial law, suspend habeas corpus and ignore the Posse Comitatus Act, which disallows deployment of U.S. troops in our country. This allows the Constitution to be suspended, martial law to be declared, people to be imprisoned in internment camps, and the President to seize control of the entire government.


White House senior advisor Karl Rove ordered the governor of Louisiana, Kathleen Babineaux Blanco, to find a way to impose martial law, in September 2005, after Hurricane Katrina, we were told by the Washington Post. The White House tried unsuccessfully to force Gov. Blanco to yield control of the state National Guard. Preceding Katrina, Donald Rumsfeld had repeatedly said that he wanted to use the military domestically. The administration was put the Pentagon in charge. This caused a 3 day holdup in the federal response to the tragedy. The choice was made to withhold aid until the governor capitulated.

In Washington,as William Arkin reported in the Washington Post, NORTHCOM conducted Granite Shadow exercises. "Granite Shadow is yet another new Top Secret and compartmented operation related to the military's extra-legal powers regarding weapons of mass destruction. It allows for emergency military operations in the United States without civilian supervision or control."

"Visible Intermodal Protection and Response" teams, or VIPER teams, patrol various mass transit systems such as Amtrak, ferries, and bus stations. This began one week after the incident in Miami where Rigoberto Alpizar was gunned down on board American Airlines Flight 924 for supposedly saying he had a bomb. According to witnesses, Alpizar never screamed that he had a bomb. Passengers said they were more frightened of Air Marshals putting guns to their head and threatening them not to look at what was taking place. The incident was an excuse for more Federal militarized police in the public.


911 and Katrina have set the stage for the quarantine imposing mandatory vaccines, requiring martial law. 911 shows that the government is capable of putting one over on the public in order to control us. Now, we see one way they are attempting to do this right now, and I would ask all reading this to contact authorities, and write letters, and pass along this article, in order to stop their current ploy, which is the Pandemic Preparedness bill called BioShield Two. If it is not allowed now, martial law may be postponed long enough for the population to wake up to the deceptions, and may be avoided forever. In the meantime, just say no to vaccines. My article will explain the reasons this is important to do.

Bush’s announced on on major TV stations that he would impose martial law to enforce mandatory vaccines if one case is found to jump from person to person. Dr. Irwin Redlener, associate Dean of Columbia University's School of Public Health for Disaster Preparedness, told the Associated Press that giving the military a law enforcement role would be an "extraordinarily Draconian measure" that would be unnecessary for the distribution of vaccines.

"The translation of this is martial law in the United States," said Redlener.

We are like the mad hatters of yore who were exposed to dangerous neurotoxins like lead and mercury in the process of making hats. We’re exposed to harmful chemicals every day, but some of the most damaging are delivered in supposedly benign vaccines. Vaccines are implicated in causing cancer, autism, alzheimers, Guilliane-Barre, heart trouble, developmental diseases, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, lupus, MS, ALS, rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, and many more pandemics. Some people have been able to avoid vaccinations to some degree, but now the government, sponsored by the pharmaceutical companies are using the fear of an avian flu pandemic to coerce people to accept a mass vaccination by companies who have contaminated the public in the past. [sweeping, damning statement—needs proof, otherwise it comes across as too conspiratorial; and thus unbelievable, The pharmaceutical companies are now being told, through the bill called Bioshield Two, that they should make vaccines even more quickly, surmising what mutation may possibly develop. The bill gives them the message it doesn’t matter if the vaccines are contaminated. Stopping this bill from passing could be the most important thing we can do to avoid martial law, which will be imposed in order to force the American people into having vaccines. S 1873 was considered in committee in October, and was recommended to be considered by the Senate as a whole.

If we want to keep some semblance of freedom, it's the time to stop the bird flu vaccine and anti-virals from being mandatory. Yet, while we were watching the BioShield Two, in December, Senator Frist’s Pandemic Funding, Lability Shield Cleared Congress while snuck in with the defence spending bill. We already have much to counteract.

The bill provides $3.8 billion for pandemic influenza preparedness and a liability shield for those who produce and administer drugs and vaccines used in a declared public health emergency $350 million goes into vaccine production, and stockpiling antiviral drugs.

People who are damaged by the drugs can sue only if they prove "willful misconduct" by those who made or administered it. This is our task. We must prove that this is not being done for our welfare.

But Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass. Speaks for us when he says that the bill allows the HHS secretary to use a variety of common diseases as an excuse to activate the liability shield. He is backed by Senators Tom Harkin from Iowa and Chris Dodd from Connecticut.

Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act, allows the HHS secretary to apply the liability protection by declaring an emergency. No criteria are given and it is not open to court review. Should we just hunker down and accept vaccines? Many people still believe the story that they are useful and safe. However, I will show that this is not the case.

In the pretense of stopping or abating one specific illness, vaccines damage the immune system, creating the possibility for future physical ailments. The U.S. National Vaccine Information Center reports more than 54,000 adverse events following vaccination, such as convulsions, encephalitis, and death were reported to the FDA between 1990 and 1993. The FDA says that only ten percent of doctors report adverse effects. Of course, only a very small number of patients would even recognize that their illness was related to a vaccination, especially as not all occur immediately. And only a small number would report reactions they identified. Connaght Laboratories, a vaccine manufacturer, believes that a fifty-fold under-reporting of adverse effects occurs, and considering their line of business, we should multiply that figure greatly.

A physician, Montague Leverson, M.D., Ph.D., M.A., said, "Now the forcing of these inoculations upon individuals by law is one of the worst tyrannies imaginable, and should be resisted, even to the death of the official who is enforcing it." (Pearson, The Dream and Lie of Louis Pasteur.)

The Center for Disease Control, admitted that almost every case of polio in the U.S. between 1980 and 1994 was caused by the vaccine itself. You can only imagine that they, who are in the unfortunate business of promoting vaccines, would give us as little against vaccines as they could get away with. If even the have to admit the truth to come into some semblance of realism, we can see that there is some evidence t hat can’t be swept under the rug entirely, much as they would like to.

The Centers for Disease Control has been injecting children with high levels of mercury (called Thimerosal) in almost all vaccines. Although we are told not to eat fish with mercury, we are required to stand by while health professionals inject it.

Why the persistence in using mercury? The Bush family and the administration have many ties to Eli Lilly, the makers of Thimerosol used as a preservative. Bush senior sat on the company's board in the 1970's. Eli Lilly CEO Sidney Taurel is on the homeland security advisory council.

White House budget director Mitch Daniels was an Eli Lilly executive.

The effects of Thimersol are identifiable, including ADD, ADHD, autism, trouble focusing and coping, personality disorders, and depression, and other symptoms. Teen Screen and New Freedom Commission screens every child, every year, for mental illness, in order to find children they can administer more drugs to.

If the CDC admitted the real problem, parents would be told to check out the possible mercury cause of their children's apparent personality and mental dysfunction.

Instead, children are often prescribed psychiatric drugs, which are degenerative, linked to suicide, violent crimes, and physical ailments. Zyprexa, for example, can cause hyperglycemia/diabetes in one week’s time. The side effects of these prescribed drugs are the focus of national lawsuits.

Vaccine safety studies are only allowed for 14 days maximum after the shot, and they compare a new vaccine to a so-called placebo. However, the placebo is not a benign, inert substance. It is another vaccine. If the new vaccine has the same side effects as the "placebo", the new vaccine is called "safe."

Numerous DC documents show that antibodies are not proven to protect from infection. For example: "The findings of efficacy studies have not demonstrated a direct correlation between antibody response and protection against pertussis disease." MMWR March 28, 1997/Vol.46/No. RR-7, p.4

Globally, we are being told by our governments that we must take pandemic vaccines and that martial law may be required to handle the process, with restrictions on travel, for example, enforced at gunpoint. The bill shielding pharmaceutical companies from public scrutiny and no liability also creates the first agency to have no liability. The Biodefense and Pandemic Vaccine and Drug Development Act of 2005 (S. 1873), "Bioshield Two", sponsored by Senator Burr, would create the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Agency, BARDA, which would be exempt from open records.

This is the time to contact the Senators, as the bill is now on the calendar. Now is the time to make some noise. It would be impossible here to cover the whole subject of vaccine history and how they are not helpful but harmful, and all the negative effects of them on the body and society. Knowing the facts about vaccines in particular and government deception in general will help us all be better able to deal with what’s happening in this country and the world. I am proposing that you learn some facts to ready yourself for spreading the word about vaccines to your associates. Memorize a few. So here are a few “strange” numerical facts in question and answer format:


The mercury in vaccines is believed by many researchers to be responsible for autism. But the numbers are manipulated in the false reports paid for by the vaccine companies and put into the public as if it were true. This type of procedure is the modus operandi in the pharmaceutical field. It is difficult to find subjects who have remained unvaccinated. Can you guess how many among one set of these control subjects had autism?

In Deadly Immunity, Robert Kennedy Jr. tells us that Dan Olmsted used the Amish of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania as control subjects in the effects of vaccines, as they refuse to immunize their babies. According to the national rate of autism, Olmsted should have found 130 Amish autistics. There were four. One had been exposed to high levels of mercury from a power plant. The other three autistics in the community had been vaccinated.


Andy Waters, with the law firm of Waters & Kraus, who is suing on behalf of the victims of autism, made public a confidential version of a report by the Centers for Disease Control about how a mercury preservative in children's vaccines causes neurological damage. A falsified version of the report previously made public by the CDC has been used to say the results are inconclusive. The true, confidential version that Waters demonstrated that an exposure to more than 62.5 micrograms of mercury within the first three months of life greatly increased a child's risk of developing autism.

Children with the exposure were more than twice as likely to develop autism as children not exposed.

The confidential report, states: "As for the exposure evaluated at 3 months of age, we found increasing risks of 'neurological developmental disorders' with increasing cumulative exposure to thimerosal ... within the group of 'developmental disorders'... for the sub-group called 'specific delays,' and within this sub-group for the specific disorder 'developmental speech disorder,' and for 'autism,' 'stuttering' and 'attention deficit disorder.'" describes this in more detail.


Children die at a rate of three times the normal rate within three days after receiving dpt vaccinations, such as those created by Chiron. (The American Journal of Epidemiology.) As is typically the case, diptheria had declined 90 percent before the vaccines were created, and the public is led to believe the vaccines were responsible. According to the Presidential Address of the British Association for the Advancement of Sciences, deaths of children under 15 attributed to diptheria declined by 90 percent from 1850 to 1940 due to improved sanitation. Antibiotics and widespread, compulsory vaccinations against diptheria were introduced in 1940.


According to the La Crosse Tribune, in a current outbreak of chickenpox in the Gale-Ettrick-Trempealeau School District, in Wisconsin, all but two of the 44 sick children were vaccinated against it. At the Kindernook Learning Center, 36 of 99 kindergartners developed chickenpox. No manufacturer has reported a problematic batch of vaccines.


According to The Daily Press, the Pentagon didn’t inform Congress about over 20,000 hospitalizations involving troops who had been vaccinated against anthrax. Generals and Defense Department officials told Congress that fewer than 100 people were hospitalized or became seriously ill after vaccinations between 1998 and 2000.


As reported by people like Kathryn Dixon, though the Brits caught Chiron with 60 million doses of contaminated vaccine, Chiron still tried to cover-up and convince the U.S. government to allow the vaccine to be used. Additionally, Chiron said they had only shipped one million already, though it was actually 6 million. Even though damages often take an extended period to show up,they moniter subjects for ONLY up to 7 days for side effects. And that’s BEFORE the bill.


U.S. Newswire reported that, according to the Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights, forty-two Senators own stock in pharmaceutical companies, which is a conflict of interest, as they vote on legislation which benefits the drug industry. Drug companies give them gifts as well, so are we surprised that they are passing the bill that says drug companies making vaccines need make nothing open to the public any more?

Dr. Alan Cantwell, who wrote Doctors of Death: An Inquiry into the Origin of the AIDS Epidemic, tells us that AIDS first appeared in the New York city gay population in 1979 a few months after a vaccine experiment began in Manhattan, with vaccines said to be purposefully contaminated with HIV virus which was created in the lab. Twenty percent of the gay men who volunteered for the experimental hepatitis-B vaccine in New York later became HIV-positive. Manhattan men had the highest rate of HIV in the world. While I don’t agree that HIV actually causes AIDS, this is still worth investigating.


The Congressional Budget Office says the likelihood of a flu pandemic is less than one-third of one percent, according to Atlanta Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney. Yet the whole world is being told they have to take the vaccines, and the neurotoxin Tamilflu, which supports Rumsfield. Are the labs creating yet another illness, or are they just using the potential for mutation as a scare tactic, and a money maker for Pharma and the government leaders who are tied to it?


The World Health Organization predicted authorities using the army and police to quarantine about 120,000 people to contain an initial pandemic flu outbreak of just 19 cases, reported David Pilling, Jan. 13th, Medical Journal.

There is nothing stopping the drug companies from giving us whatever contaminated and harmful vaccines they want to. If BioShield Two passes, that would be the best time for mandatory vaccination of the population. But the bill in place since December is probably all they need, and they could move forward on this at any time, unless we raise our voices and support the Senators opposing this. If the medical authorities wanted to say the bird flu had mutated, they would. If they wanted to make it do so, they could. And if they wanted it to mutate, they could make it do so in the labs. Either way, this would give them the chance to declare martial law. The government has been looking for an excuse to declare martial law. They were close on 9-11 and they’re not giving up on the “holy grail” of martial law. We must prevent them from having any excuse to start rounding people up.

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